Friday, May 3, 2013

May Flowers

I have not been able to post in a long time because my computer was broken, but it is fixed now so I am back to blogging! I am officially done with my sophomore year of college and home for the summer. It is crazy that I am halfway done with college already, but I think this summer is going to be great! I leave for London in a month (ahhhh I can't wait!!!) and until then I am just excited to spend time with my family and friends from high school.

This is probably my favorite sweater. I love how flowy and comfortable it is and I can pair it with so many different things. Also, it was my first time wearing shorts with tights and I can definitely say that I am a fan.

We are celebrating my sisters' birthdays tonight, so I'm looking forward to some funfetti birthday cake...
Happy Friday!

What I'm wearing: Sweater: H&M, Collared shirt underneath: Forever 21, Shorts: Forever 21, Tights: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Target, Ring: The Bridge, Headband: American Apparel

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